Full service equipment repair, replacement and maintenance, including upgrades & inspections for all athletic, labs, stem tech ed projects. Plus annual maintenance programs for all floor installs millwork and more… We even fix our competitors mistakes.

Your service needs are why we put principles into process. We believe upkeep helps you keep up.

Down equipment means lost revenue, game delays and missed classroom opportunities. Faulty equipment is not only unacceptable it is unsafe. Prevent loss and injury with annual service maintenance care by H2I Group. We offer full support for everything from your scoreboard to your floor surface. Our goal is to make sure you don’t even have to think about whether something will work or not. You know it will because our service contracts and spontaneous support works for you. The only break we want on your mind is your lunch one.

It’s game day. Do you know where your free throw line is?

NCAA PROP approved moving the 3-point line to the international distance of 22 feet 1 ¾ inches for women’s basketball. When we come into do your annual floor resurfacing we can inlay new marks to ensure compliance with the new NCAA regulations. For high school gyms this mark show inclusivity and college readiness. While we are there, let’s talk logo and mascot. No harm in giving the kids something cool for their snap stories.

Get Down TIME, Down

We’re looking to flip the script on down time. Work with us to avoid equipment down time and give yourself a break. Routine maintenance done on schedule makes us your outsourced partner. Your time is valuable. Your focus on improving building efficiency, safety matters and event planning should not be shared with trying to find someone to repair or replace a 3D printer or laser cutter. We will do that with and for you. Respect for your building trickles down to the people who use it. Click below to find a Service Solutions Specialist near you.


Meet Your Team

These people make sure your work day runs according to plan.