Architectural woodWORK

Furnish and install wood carpentry & ornamental metals for entryways, building casework, cabinets, reception areas, nurses stations, vertical surfing and more…

Your wood & metal design needs are why we put heart into thought. We believe aesthetics influence focus & healing.

It is just an empty building until the millwork is added. Then it becomes a timeless, impressive fixture of value. Research supports that bringing beauty into a space has positive effects on social behavior, emotional wellness and psychological well-being. This is why H2I Group specializes in enhancing the physical environments of universities, hospitals, sporting venues and government buildings. Our brilliantly talented carpentry team produces stunning and unique trim pieces and custom cabinetry. Adding new millwork adds value to your project, community and humanity.

Seeing is Believing

Your customer has most likely expressed how they want the finished building to make people feel. You now need to take this feeling and turn it into an experience. We can help you with that. The Millwork design experts at H2I Group will render that feeling into an image, complete with a mock-up. This way you can show your client how their building will feel, before investing time or resources on a guess. Our design assistance team is experienced, friendly and incredibly intuitive. Let us get started on your project today.

Putting the Model in Remodel…

In today’s world, everyone has a camera in the palm of their hand. Give people something to capture by adding stunning millwork to your project. Create a unique statement piece, an installation wall or grace the ceilings, floors, doorways and window spaces with fresh new appeal. Adding Millwork is the fastest way to bring in the “wow” factor to a job. Click here to find an H2I Group Solutions Specialist near you.


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