Brad Reece
Solutions Specialist

“I have seen first hand how a well planned facility can help build pride in individuals and become a center piece of a community. That pride can propel the trajectory of those individuals lives and turn the facility into a foundation for a stronger more unified community!”

Brad Reece


Please contact me at your convenience. I would love to get the kids, of all ages, out there playing!

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When I hear the squeak of shoes on a basketball court, shoulder pads colliding on a field, the crack of a bat, fans shouting, or cheerleaders cheering for their team, it makes me smile. It takes me back to my childhood, which revolved around sports. I was raised knowing how important it was to be part of a team. As a mom of 3 boys, having them involved in sports has taught them respect, patience, teamwork, tenacity, and how to be a leader. The game they play isn’t what’s important to me. It’s that wherever they are playing, they are having fun and feel safe in an environment that allows them to feel like a winner! My role at H2I Group has given me the opportunity to create state of the art, safe, and fully functional spaces for athletes, students, and the community. A space that allows people of all ages to having a winning attitude.


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