Dan Moran

“You control your destiny. Your thoughts, decisions & actions influence your life & the lives of those who depend on you.”

Dan Moran
President of H2I Group


We believe by working with positive, talented, empathic individuals our lives, our communities & our world becomes kinder.


As the son of a tough father and fiercely loving mother, myself and my six siblings grew up grounded in faith and family.  Hard work was expected. Harder work was rewarded. My motivation was always and still is, sparked by the thought of helping others. I was driven by an insatiable craving to learn more. Setting goals and problem solving also drove me, finding that solution then move on to the next opportunity. Failure was never a part of my vocabulary. Because failure does not exist. It is a manufactured perception of ego. The only time we fail is when we refuse to learn. Athletic play taught me that. Because without play, we cannot learn. We have to be experienced dropping the ball so we know how to pick it up. Life is not about being perfect, its about being perfectly human. Everything that I have learned in life has brought me to the top leadership role of the greatest company in this country. A place where we believe safe, thoughtfully designed spaces are essential for human health and well-being because they foster motivation, curiosity & play.

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