John Weinberger
Solutions Specialist

“I like solving unique customer challenges. There’s an efficient & profitable solution to every problem.”

John Weinberger
Laser & laboratory expert

i’m the guy with a solution for “that”

Have storage issues? Short on floor space? Need a factory in-plant office? Looking to renovate a lab? Yes, I do all that and much more. Please get in touch!

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i am a Resourceful, creative problem solver with decades of experience.

My favorite thing about this job is exposing solutions to customer issues that they couldn’t even have imagined existed. Seriously, this space is so fascinating. From high-density storage systems to mind-blowing to energy-efficiency solutions, space-saving fume hoods, and more, there’s a whole world of creative solutions out there. I’ve been doing this for over twenty years and it is as exciting today as it was when I started.

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