Justin Kopesky
Solutions Specialist

“My goal is to make sure everyone has accessible, affordable access to educational technology.”

Justin Kopesky
Tech Product & STEAM Expert

yes, you can print inspiration

I bring technology solutions to education, advanced manufacturing medical & more. SHOP NOW or connect in link below!

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i provide faster access to inspiration for students & their educators.

As decision makers it’s on us to make sure our students learn with relevance & reverence. Every year millions of jobs in science, technology, engineering and math go unfilled due to lack of unskilled talent. Once my clients see an affordable path to consistent creative access of quality 3D printers & efficiency of GrabCAD they realize that sending hundreds of kids to print on a desktop printer is not necessary. I consult with you to improve the “whiteboard” process, reduce countless emails and enable students to manage their prints and consumables, which helps the educators control 3D print costs. Everything is possible and within budget. All we have to do is meet and get started!

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