Nate Thiesfeld
Vice President of Sales

“Millions of jobs in STEM go unfulfilled every year. Let’s change that by inspiring students with the wonders of classroom STEM technology.”

Nate Thiesfeld
H2I Group Expert

students depend on us to help them

Early exposure to technical opportunity sparks motivation to keep learning. Contact me to help create your STEM program.

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One of the challenges we face as providers of Stratasys 3D Printers, Lasers Engravers, CNC Routers and more is the nomenclature around “STEM.” Some, not all, universities call it CTE, others say Tech Ed, many remain committed to STEM. No matter what you call it, it’s imperative that students have exposure to these life changing school programs. Their future, and our future depend on it. Every year millions of jobs go unfulfilled simply because there are not enough qualified people to hire. We can change that with inspiring learning opportunities for students of all ages. Learn how classroom technology contributes to a lucrative career in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. Contact a Solutions Specialist at H2I Group for information on program equipment upgrades and starter kids. We provide everything from products, training, funding, curriculum development & more.

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use esser funds to free classroom technology

Government gifted dollars go unspent every year. Use this money to drive STEM education, develop afterschool learning opportunities, create at-risk-youth outreach and more.