Paul D. Bergstrom
Solutions Specialist

“Spend money and time where it matters…in your community. “

Paul D. Bergstrom
Athletic Expert

making spaces for athletics & arts

You can rely on my experience for your negotiated, design-build projects inside Private Institutions, Higher Ed & K-12 schools for Athletics & Performing Arts.

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The right seat makes all the difference.

The safe haven of your athletic center or performing arts space opens up a world of confidence & connection for your community. I am with you for the lifecycle of your project. My athletic expertise includes gym equipment ranging from basketball hoops, overhead volleyball systems, batting & throwing cages and divider curtains for gym zoning. Look to me for telescopic space saving seating, locker rooms and floor protectant safety rugs. When it comes to theater upgrade & build I can help with everything including backstage and FOH seating needs. Together, we will collaborate on your vision, explore and anticipated barriers so there are no surprises in budget or on deadline. I work smart & hard to make sure the future is meaningful & memorable for years to come.

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We strive to create safe, sustainable environments for your athletes.