Festo is a global leader in technical education. As an international partner to training institutions, governments, government agencies, and businesses, Festo designs and implements training systems and labs, as well as learning systems and training programs. Festo systematically prepares skilled professionals for working in dynamic and complex environments.

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Festo offers a turnkey solution for the implementation of STEM programs for high schools that understand the need to incorporate problem-based learning environments into their education system. Students learn concepts related to STEM disciplines in a “learning-by-doing” environment through which they gain knowledge and skills that can be transferred to solve other problems, helping them prepare for post-secondary education and future careers.

The Festo Industry Certification Program (FICP), our new comprehensive industry skills certification, is based on industry and education partnerships to ensure students have the right set of skills to be industry ready. FICP evolved from our global industrial automation division and technical education experience over the past six decades.

Didactic combined hardware, software, and curriculum content aimed at maximizing learning and experimentation. The program starts with a variety of courses providing in-depth topic coverage of the fundamentals related to the field of electrical energy. It then builds on the knowledge gained by the student through these basic courses to provide training in more advanced subjects, such as electrical power transmission, power electronics, energy production from renewable resources, and smart-grid technologies.

Modular learning systems are equipped with the most modern industrial components, enabling you to teach the core competencies for mechatronics and automation technology in a hands-on, project-oriented way necessary for the demanding manufacturing industry.

Festo’s learning management systems fulfill the requirements of digital learning. They enable a seamless connection between the digital management of learning materials and real classroom interaction. While students work through the learning modules, instructors/trainers organize, plan learning structures, communicate, expand their learning materials, and track individual learning progress.

As practical training on actual production and industrial systems is seldom possible, project kits, stations, systems, and Festo’s full-fledged training platforms optimally prepare learners for the demands of a career in automation. The modularity of the learning solutions enables a diverse range of configurations for typical production processes, from very different industries, in a safe learning environment.

Demands on specialists in the field of fluid power are steadily increasing – along with demands for process speed, safety, and efficiency. Well-developed, intelligent training approaches are required to fill these demands. Manage your training tasks with the help of our modern, comprehensive range of fluid power learning solutions.


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