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The CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is the computer that controls all parts of the Universal Laser Lineup. Although this is a non-moving part, it can still face damage from rust, broken pins, and power surges. If you’re experiencing a decline in performance, it may be time for a new CPU installation and initialization.

However, it’s important to note that diagnosing a CPU malfunction can be difficult, as it controls every aspect of the machine. Before assuming the CPU is the issue, it’s best to check for other common problems that could be causing performance failure.

Some common symptoms of a CPU malfunction include:

  1. The machine not turning on.

  2. Improper machine initialization, where the machine doesn’t move to the top right when starting up.

  3. The machine turning on, but the laser not firing.

  4. Erratic or irregular X, Y, and Z position.

If you’ve checked all other possible sources of the issue and it still persists, it’s possible that the CPU is the culprit. But it is always best to consult a professional to diagnose and repair the machine. Keep your Universal Laser System running smoothly with regular maintenance and repairs.


All ULS lasers are equipment to be connected to either standard 110- or 220-volt power sources. Assuming everything is working as it should, your ULS laser should be distributing power to the rest of the machine evenly and accurately. However, power issues can occur in a variety of circumstances.

The most common cause of a power failure is improper or irregular surges in electricity from your electrical source. The power boxes inside of the machine are designed to handle variances of power within the machine. They are also equipped with immediate safety fuses should there be a power surge. While unlikely, even these safety features cannot be enough, and you will need a new power box for your laser to function again.

As a preventative measure, make sure that your power outlets are up to code and stable. Do not use and ungrounded outlet or a converter box with this machine, as the ground cable is the fundamental safety feature all electrical products use for surging.

If you are lucky enough to catch when the problem when it first starts, you may notice the machine make a popping sound when you first turn it on. This may be a poor connection leading to an electrical arc, the initial fuses blowing, or a capacitor inside of the power box receiving a surge.

Indications of a power failure may include:

  1. Machine does not turn on.

  2. Power turns on, but laser does not fire.

  3. X, Y, or Z movement does not work.

Without an in-depth knowledge on electrics, we do not recommend you attempt an in- depth diagnosis and or attempt to fix the power banks. Without such knowledge, there is a risk to damaging other electronics in your machine, and a possible fire hazard in severe circumstances. If you suspect your ULS system is suffering from a power issue, we highly recommend a professional come and accurately diagnose this issue.


Sometimes, you may encounter problems with your laser engraver that require professional help. That’s where our team at H2I Group comes into play. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience, our laser experts are at your disposal to address and resolve any complications that might arise with your engraving equipment. We understand the intricacies of ULS systems and are committed to ensuring your operations run smoothly. Contact us here to submit a service request. 

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