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With the growing need for more collaborative, flexible, and resilient learning spaces, you need a partner that can deliver a custom solution with the unique needs of your space in mind from start to finish. And we pride our team on being highly skilled to get the job done right — including but not limited to renovating indoor gyms, installing state-of-the-art equipment in athletic spaces, providing school lab furniture, and optimizing common areas with exceptional solutions that shape the future of K-12 education.


Whether you’re building a new science laboratory, enhancing an athletic facility with indoor retractable bleachers, or looking for the best products to create a safe and functional space, we have the expertise, strategic partnerships, and best-in-class products to bring your vision to life.

We partner with leading manufacturers to design, manage and install world-class labs in schools nationwide allowing students and teachers to experiment and learn on high-quality lab furniture and equipment. Best of all, when you partner with us, you get an experienced, thoughtful, and reliable team that takes the time to understand and deliver tailored solutions to meet your goals every step of the way. Contact us or visit our Laboratory page to learn more.

Designed for athletes and fans alike, we have the capability and reputation for outfitting stadiums, gyms, K-12 schools, colleges, community centers, and free-standing pro-sport arenas from top to bottom. So, whether you need gym floor installation, basketball hoop repair, lockers, scoreboards, indoor volleyball net systems, or a total facility renovation for your space, you can count on us to complete the job on time and within budget. Guaranteed. Contact us or visit our Athletic page to learn more. 

When you partner with us, our team of experts will help you optimize your space with a range of premium storage solutions, including compact shelving, moveable shelves, library shelves, and lockers. The end result? A space strategically optimized for optimal safety, security, and productivity. Contact us or visit our Lockers & Storage page to learn more. 

Whether you’re looking for gym flooring refinishing or a gym floor covering  for your school gymnasium, weight room, indoor track, or auditorium stage, we offer custom total flooring options with optimal durability, aesthetics, performance, and safety in mind. That means you can depend on our team of flooring experts to help you design, install, and maintain your flooring needs along the way. Contact us or visit our Flooring page to learn more. 

We pride ourselves on creating spaces that are both functional and comfortable – and custom-designed seating and furniture are integral to that. With longstanding relationships with several trusted manufacturers, we offer a variety of multifunctional seating and furniture options for auditoriums, gyms, media centers, labs, cafeterias, libraries, and more so you can always provide the best seat in the house. Contact us or visit our Seating & Furniture page to learn more. 

Learning comes easy when given the right tools that meet your educational needs. With our technical education product selection and services tailored to the unique goals of your classroom and educators’ individual goals, we provide cutting-edge technical education training, service, repair, and equipment ranging from starter-level to advanced, including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers, and more. Contact us or visit our Technical Education page to learn more. 

Broken equipment means lost revenue, game delays, and missed learning opportunities in the classroom. That’s why we don’t just stop at total custom solutions and products for your space — we also provide full service and support, complete with routine and preventative maintenance like installation, repair, and inspection for all your athletic and tech ed projects on the horizon. Contact us or visit our Service & Support page to learn more. 


To learn more about our capabilities and how we can further support you, check out some of our featured projects below.
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We partner with trusted suppliers to provide products and solutions through awarded local, state, and national Cooperative Purchasing Contracts. That means we can pass on the benefits to you by streamlining the buying process while saving you time and money along the way.



Whether you’re renovating a middle school gymnasium, looking for school locker suppliers, or thinking about creating a district STEAM program, we can’t wait to help bring your vision to life.


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