H2I Group provides cutting edge lab construction services from early-stage design through complete build with continuous maintenance, repair, and remodel services. Installations services include casework, fume hoods, lab equipment, project and order management, and more.

We believe an Intriguing lab space leads to innovative breakthroughs & progress thrives without distractions.

From campus and life sciences to pharma and forensics, H2I Group creates world class labs by putting human beings at the center. We know an intriguing lab space leads to innovative breakthroughs… just as long as scientists thrive while working there. Bench height, lighting, air quality, and all-around ambiance affect outcomes. Human comfort can be the difference between someone stopping from exhaustion or continuing to completion. Thoughtfully designed labs will help retain and recruit top talent. We have built a nearly 100-year history in lab construction to prove it.

Solving the Problem of Problem Solving…

What if there was one company that did it all? A firm who understands the client, partnered seamlessly with the General Contractor, had a breadth of contacts from furniture to fume hoods, all with superior project management skills. Oh, and the capacity to stay on budget and timeline. Yes. It has taken us nearly 100 years to earn the right to say this, but we are that company. Our expert staff is the top talent you are looking to trust. We are the solution to your biggest problem.

thoughtfully designed

Top faculty members can elevate a college reputation with notable scientific advancements. But such progress often requires a long-term commitment from scientists who are being wooed away to new labs. State-of-the-art doesn’t quite cut it anymore either. Today’s leaders and tomorrow’s visionaries assume the tech will be competitive. There is an increasing emphasis on thoughtfully designed spaces that foster healthy relationships between people, a quality environment, and learning. Contact us to learn more.

Meet Your Team

We are passionate people whose lives, and those we love, have been touched by science. It’s our mission to make sure science environments are a safe and thoughtfully designed. Meet our lab solutions team. Click the button below to find an H2I Group Solutions Specialist near you.