Dance Flooring

H2I Group provides customizable dance flooring options for dance studios, schools, gyms, fitness centers, auditoriums, theaters, dance studios, community centers, and more!

Educational Building Kits

Artec 3D Scanner product line

H2I Group provides professional 3D scanning technology to be used in the classroom. 3D scanners are devices that capture the shape and appearance of an object or environment in three dimensions. They are used to create highly accurate 3D models of objects for a variety of purposes, including design, engineering, and documentation.

There are several types of 3D scanners, including structured light scanners, laser scanners, and photogrammetry scanners. Scanners can be handheld or mounted on a tripod, on a robotic arm and can be used to scan objects of various sizes and shapes. They are commonly used in manufacturing, engineering, and architecture, as well as in a variety of other fields.

Sweat Mops

Sweat mops are a tool used to quickly clean floors of moisture and dirt to prevent injury. The mop has an 18” x 24” surface, which can cover large areas promptly. The highly absorbent microfiber pads rapidly absorb liquids, leaving the affected area dry and lint-free.

Damp Mop System

The 6’ Damp Mop System is designed to effectively clean dust, debris, and liquid from your flooring system with little effort. A 6’L mop head covers a large amount of space quickly, making it easy to clean the floor. The specially designed towel and pull rope are also included in the kit to ensure you have all materials needed. Using this product to clean your floor has many benefits, including instant dry time, reduced maintenance costs, reduced labor hours, lifting dirt and debris off the floor, increased safety measures, and increased performance for practice drills and game use.

Robotics and Automation

H2I Group supplies robotics and automation solutions to middle schools, high schools, CTE schools, colleges, and universities. These products and solutions prepare graduates for careers in industry, manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 smart factories. Solutions include skills driven e-learning, software and simulation, robotic arms, mobile pre-configured educational robotic stations, professional development, and certifications for students and instructors.

STEM and CTE Furniture

H2I Group supplies online STEM and manufacturing curriculum options for K-12, CTE schools, and universities. The ready-to-teach, digital solutions include interactive exercises, simulation, animation, video and audio to introduce and keep students engaged in the different STEM Pathways with relevant real world topics. Students can advance through standard-based curriculum on track to a cutting-edge career in the manufacturing, engineering, and creative fields.

Vacuum Forming Machines

H2I Group supplies technical education programs with vacuum forming machines from Formech. A vacuum forming machine is a type of machine that is used to shape plastic materials into a desired form or shape. The process, known as vacuum forming, works by heating a sheet of plastic until it is pliable, and then using a vacuum to suck the plastic onto a mold or form. The vacuum pulls the plastic tightly against the mold, which allows it to take on the shape of the mold. The plastic is then allowed to cool and harden, creating a finished product with the desired shape. Vacuum forming machines are commonly used in a variety of industries, including packaging, product design, and signage, to create such products as packaging containers, toys, and promotional materials.

Engineering Software

H2I Group provides 3D printing solutions for K-12 through higher education markets. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is the process of creating physical objects from digital designs by depositing material layer by layer.

Quality Control

H2I Group supplies quality control solutions for all levels of education including middle and high schools, CTE schools, colleges, and universities. Ensuring a product was made to specifications in the manufacturing process is essential in making sure a product can be replicated, defect free, and keep the intended consumer safe. Quality control solutions include 3D scanning hardware, software, curriculum, on-line and live training with certification options. Perfect for preparing students for a critical step in the manufacturing process.

Professional Development and Training

H2I Group is focused on professional development for educators in K-12 schools, CTE schools, fab labs, STEAM educational programs, colleges, and universities. We are your partner from point of purchase to problem-solving in the classroom. We hope to provide educators with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively integrate products and programs to create engaging, interactive, and compelling learning experiences for their students.. In addition, H2I Group is active in supporting SkillsUSA competitions and supports local ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) chapters. We have made it our mission to be dedicated to educators.

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