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Why You Should Choose Hardwood Flooring for Basketball Courts

If you look around, basketball courts of all levels are often made of wood flooring. This is no mistake. Besides having a classic look, wood flooring provides high-performance characteristics necessary for playing basketball. While it is a popular choice, it is also important to know the basics of wood flooring before installation. Read below for more information on why a hardwood floor is unique compared to synthetic options.

Advantages of wood Flooring

Athlete Safety

Wood flooring has many advantages, but the prominent reason is athlete safety. The subfloor and maple can be optimized to provide the best shock absorption to protect athletes’ joints. Additionally, this combination usually provides beneficial foot slide characteristics and high ball bounce. All these factors give hardwood a step up to other types of flooring. 


Another advantage of hardwood floors is the aesthetic. By nature, the basketball court is the center of attention. Many expect courts to look a certain way, and wood floors allow this through a glossy finish and the option for customizable painted graphics, which are an easy way to show team spirit. 


The last major advantage of hardwood gym floors is longevity. Unlike many temporary synthetic floors, your basketball hardwood floor can last around 50 or more years with the right care. While it is a big upfront expense, a lasting floor that looks nice and is safe is worth the price. 

Proper Installation & Maintenance of wood flooring

The floor needs to be installed and maintained correctly for those advantages to be present. One of the tricky factors of installation is the fact that wood is a living material. It must be designed and installed carefully in order to have the expected results. All gyms are different, and factors like humidity, space requirements, and frequency of use will guide our experts at H2I Group to help make the correct installation choices for the space. Maintenance is another key factor in the longevity of basketball courts’ hardwood flooring. As previously mentioned, they can last up to 50 years with the correct care. Most simply, the floor should be swept or dry-mopped at least every day. Another component to watch out for is humidity. While it is not always possible to control your floor’s environment, you should keep a 35-55 percent humidity range. Not being in this range can result in the movement of your floors, which can cause injuries.

Besides everyday maintenance, some professional assistance is necessary to keep your hardwood floor in its best condition. Most floors will need to be refinished once a year. This involves a recoat to resolve minor scratches or scuffs due to wear and tear. A sand and refinish is also recommended every 12-15 years as preventative maintenance.

Contact H2I Group Flooring Division

At H2I Group, we prioritize thoroughly going through each step with the architects, builders, facility owners, and coaches to ensure the finished result will be successful for that space. From the beginning, we will partner with you to complete your goals within your parameters, whether it be the design, installation, or maintenance stage. If you need something as small as a minor repair or a full gymnasium remodel, H2I Group can assist you with your objectives.

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