Construction, remodel, repair & maintenance service for gymnasiums & stadiums in K-12 schools, colleges, community centers & free standing pro-sport arena’s. Largest distributor for all sports product & equipment sales, installation, maintenance & repair including hoops, nets, tracks, scoreboards, lockers, bleachers & more…

Your athletic project is why we put pride on the scoreboard. We believe players thrive in an envious, safe sports center.

Whether your project is a half court in an elementary school, or a major athletic multi-complex H2I Group can build it. Our comprehensive build plans include cost saving maintenance and predictive replacement part forecasting. Rely on us to meet deadlines and stay on budget. While there is no research to support a new facility bringing on the wins, endless studies show the value of self confidence in people of all ages. Let’s create a safe space to be proud of. You have the power to change the game, one player at a time.

About those deadlines…

Timing is everything. You need a new gym. But when is the right time? What if the project goes over deadline? Waiting another year is out of the question. The “Wow” factor from the rival school just adds to your pressure. Let H2I Group allieviate your pressure, while elevating your school facility. Work with us for expert project management & professional work. We give you the best value with the best product install, maintenance and repair. No project is too big or too small.

Hoop there it is…

Replacement hoops, scoreboard bulbs, nets and more delivered right to you, before you even knew you needed them. Your expert project management team at H2I Group saves you time by thinking ahead with you. We function as an outsourced maintenance and repair partner. The way we see it, anytime you spent distracted from ensuring a safe playing environment is time wasted. We can’t manufacture time, but we can help save you some of it. Click below to find an H2I Group Solutions Specialist near you!

our team

Meet Your Team

Everyone here was young once. We became hardworking, team oriented, helpful adults because we were allowed to play when we were little. It’s our mission to make sure all kids have a safe, thoughtfully designed place to play too.