Telescopic BLEACHERS

Telescopic bleachers provide space-saving seating options for fans, students, athletes, and employees in indoor and outdoor facilities for schools, community centers, sports complexes, stadiums, and more. Telescopic gym seating, or indoor retractable bleachers, allows you to utilize your gym space with optimum customization and flexibility. Whether you need telescopic bleachers or other types of school gym bleachers, our team at H2I Group can work with you on the perfect seating option for your facility.


The addition of telescopic bleacher seating is ideal when you need your gym space to be more multi-purpose and fixed school gym bleachers are taking up too much space. Sometimes you may need more floor space for athletic practices or different school or facility events. Other times, you will need more seating for games, assemblies, and more. Telescopic bleachers can accommodate large crowds when you need them and slide flat when not in use for easy storage.

Telescopic bleachers can be customized in a variety of ways to meet your branding needs—including adding color and size options as well as custom logos. Our team will work with you to help customize and install telescopic bleachers based on your facility’s specific needs!

We have established strong relationships with numerous manufacturers and vendors to ensure you get the best telescopic bleachers for your space depending on your specifications, location, and budget.

To learn more about the indoor telescopic bleacher systems we offer, contact us today.


To learn more about our products and how we can best meet your unique needs, check out some of our featured projects below.
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