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Essential Maintenance: Easy Cleaning Guide for ULS Machines

Welcome to our tutorial on basic cleaning of your Universal Laser System. A well- maintained machine will ensure optimal performance and longevity. In this tutorial, we will focus on cleaning the X and Y axis motor system. If you have not checked already, be sure also to watch our laser optics and alignment video for cleaning the optics of your ULS machine.

Frequency of cleaning depends on usage and type of material being engraved. For instance, if the machine is used for 8 hours a day, it is recommended to clean it once every three days. More frequent cleaning may be required for materials like wood that produce a lot of sawdust during operation.

Before we begin, let’s gather the supplies you will need. You will need paper towels, a non-corrosive cleaning solution like Simple Green, and normal cotton swabs. Be careful not to use water-based cleaners near the computer and circuit board pieces as this may cause rust and damage.

First, let’s clean the X Axis arm. Spray the cleaning solution on a paper towel and wipe the arm back and forth, making sure to get inside the grooves on top and bottom of the arm.

Next, we’ll clean the Y Axis, located on either side of the X arm. Clean the belt and sides of the Y Axis, including the grooves, using your cleaning solution.

You may also want to clean the underbed of the machine. If you have a honeycomb attachment, remove it and shake it out for excess material. Wipe the underbed for any residue that has fallen.

That’s it! Regular cleaning will significantly extend the life of your ULS machine. Remember, if you treat your machine right, it will treat you right.


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