Damp mop system

Regular maintenance of gym floors is important for the longevity and safety of those using the floor. While there are annual and long-term maintenance requirements, it is also important to follow daily cleaning recommendations too.

The 6’ Damp Mop System is designed to effectively clean dust, debris, and liquid from your flooring system with little effort. A 6 foot mop head covers a large amount of space quickly, making it easy to clean the floor. The specially designed towel and pull rope are also included in the kit to ensure you have all materials needed. Using this product to clean your floor has many benefits, including instant dry time, reduced maintenance costs, reduced labor hours, lifting dirt and debris off the floor, increased safety measures, and increased performance for practice drills and game use. 

It can be used on any large hard floor surface, including but not limited to basketball/volleyball courts, health clubs/fitness centers, racquetball/squash courts, dance floors, gymnasiums, wrestling/martial arts mats, and more.


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