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At H2I Group, we believe safe thoughtfully designed spaces are essential for human health and community well-being because they foster motivation, curiosity & play. We are successful at what we do because we hire the best talent, source high quality materials & partner with the most reputable suppliers in the industry. What we do, with and for you, is build up your community by creating inclusive athletic centers, inspiring science facilities, accessible STEM labs & more.


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People are our greatest strength. H2I Group is bonded together by the best energy in the business. We are brilliant Project Managers, dedicated Estimators, forward thinking Design Engineers, joyful Accountants & Finance professionals, open hearted HR specialists, indomitable IT rock stars, solution oriented Sales leaders, Marketing wizards & have our very own Salesforce Goddess. We measure company numbers, not sales. Because our entire company works together, as a valued team, to make your projects possible.


And that’s because you know, deep down, that building your LEGACY starts the minute you seize your own destiny. So, what are you waiting for? At H2I Group we offer on the job training, tuition reimbursement, generous profit sharing benefits & more.

Everything you need to succeed is within you.

Everything you need to get started is inside that green button.

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