Phillip Papadantonakis
Applications Engineer

“As I am training, there‚Äôs nothing like seeing someone realize the creative and educational capabilities they can access through these amazing machines. It is my passion to see that excitement and hope for future potential.”

Phillip Papadantonakis
Applications Engineer


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Phillip Papadantonakis

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Early exposure to technology creates opportunity for a bright future.

A short time ago people thought Steve Jobs was crazy for thinking “Every home will have a computer”. Now, we have them in our pockets. When I tell students or school facilitators “Soon, every home will have a 3D printer” they tend to raise an eyebrow of disbelief. Or is it intrigue? See, 3D printing is the future. Every industry from culinary to cosmic will use some STEM technology. Soon we will be 3D printing things at home like TV remotes, utensils and more. It is not only imperative that our kids learn how this technology works, it is responsible to teach them.

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