Tom Katanic
Architectural Services & Products Manager

“Working with people that are happy, pleasant, and genuine is the best. That qualifies them, in my perspective, as competent professionals, and we can attain client satisfaction as a company.”

Tom Katanic

The look & feel of your project matters

It’s the final walk through. And the reason why you are moved by the space, is because of the time we spent on every detail. Let’s talk.

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i believe aesthetics influence focus & healing.

Dating as far back to Aristotle, the positive impact of aesthetically beautiful spaces have both captured and transported us. Well designed, visually pleasing spaces make us feel safe & valued. Natural light, dancing across curves and open spaces, soothing color palates and the distraction of arresting wall sculptures & textures make spaces inviting. Creating places where people want to be. We invite you to share your millwork needs with our best in class design & build team.

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We create safe, stunning spaces that influence focus & healing.